Autumn Leaves


I love autumn, i think its the best season of the year.  The colors, the weather, everything is lovely.

What do you think?


We Are The Ocean


I love pictures of the sea, no matter how they are.  I’ve always loved the ocean, the deep blue sea. This is a picture i’m actually pretty happy with it, i guess it’s the simpleness i like.

And guys, yeah, i do have longer days without posting anything now than what i used to have before. I know i know, blame me.  This year just turned out to be more stressfull than i thought, but i do try to put some photography-time in between the lines.  So again, blame me for everything, i’ll try to get better (:

In the meantime, i hope you enjoy what i post.

The Road Pt. 2

road_hay field_crop_sky

So, as i wrote in my last post, i were going to post a ‘Part 2’ picture of ‘The Road’. Here it is.

On the last picture, (link here) you see the field straight forward, but here you kinda look back on it, like if you’re moving away, thats why i want to call it ‘Part 2.’  The dark and heavy clouds & the dark colors gives me a kind of melancholic, lonely & depressive feeling, in a good way though.

What do you think?

The Road Pt. 1

road corn field

I’ve been gone a few days now, and while I was gone, I were a little bit in Kristiandsand, a town in Norway. On my way home from Kristiandsand, I looked out of the window, and I just had to shoot this. It’s beautiful, I really think it is. I took another photo of the view, only a little bit different. Im going to post it later, as ‘Part 2’.

What do you think?


brain in box_teknisk museum

Yesterday i were at the Norwegian Museum Of Technology & Science, and it was an exibithion called ”Mind Gap” where you could look trough small windows, and i saw this brain in one of them. I though it was a bit gross, but facinating too. I’ve gotta say, i love this picture, i havent done anything like that before.

what do you think?


akem manah

Okay, so i decided to post one of my drawings.

This one was for a project i had at school. The task was to draw something mythical, and i decided to draw something dark and demonic. I did some research, and got a lot of inspiration. This is mostly inspired by a Zoroastrianistic/Satanic demon called Akem Manah. I think the drawing turned out good, and i got good grades too 🙂

PS: Sorry for the lined paper guys, i totally forgot to draw on clean paper.

What do you think?